OPPO Reno’s Tilted Front Camera


Oppo Reno is the new model which is going to launch and it is likely to come with a peeping front camera which is positioned in a slant manner.

We have also known that this device will have a vertically-arranged dual-camera setup along with an LED flash.

Additionally the power on/off button is placed to its left and the volume  button is placed to its right.

It is likely to have 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

But we cannot assure the feasibility of the design because it may prove that it is not comfortable to carry the mobile pocket.

However there is no confirmation till now because,the tilted camera feature is just a design and it is not yet confirmed . And Oppo Reno is going to launch in this April,so that after launching we can know whether this feature is available or not.

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