Google’s New Translatotron

Translatotron: An End-to-End Speech-to-Speech Translation Model

Generally we have translaters to translate our speech-to-text and text-to speech in google.But now google has introduced something called ‘Translatotron’ which translates our speech of one language into the speech of other language.

This is a tool which is under research and development since several years and it is still in the development phase.


Translatotron skips the traditional steps of translating speech to text and then translating it back to speech for the final result. Instead, it translates the speaker’s voice directly into speech in another language.

This tool forms a spectogram-that is visual representation of the frequencies of the input voice and the visual representation of the generated frequencies of the output voice.

The translated speech has a bit robotic voice but it also contains some elements of the speaker’s voice too.Soon this robotic voice problem
will be cleared.


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