Programmers Aren’t Excited About Working At Facebook


Now a days Facebook is facing a deep decline and programmers are not showing interest to work at Facebook anymore.

In December 2018, an annual list of best places to work is released by the Glassdoor career website,in that Facebook stands in 7th position and got a 4.5 award score out of 5,while in the previous year’s list it ranked the top position.

A new report from CNBC came into the picture.This report says that the recruiters who left the Facebook told the reporters that there is a huge deep decline in the job offer acceptance rate.The decline was significant in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data breach that leaked the data of millions of Facebook users, it stored the users data and passwords in plain texts for many years and they didn’t reveal about this topic on their own.

Glassdoor’s community expert Scott Dobroski said that this report is not that surprising and also said that there are also reports of Computer programmers who are looking for a way to come out from the Facebook.

Previously Facebook’s acceptance rate among top institutions like Carnegie Mellon and Stanford was about 85%. As of December 2018, this rate has fallen to 35% to 55%. There is a drastic change in the Facebook’s acceptance rate.

Because of this drastic decline, many top programmers who work for facebook are not showing interest to work in this anymore and they are questioning the recruiters about the company’s privacy practices and other steps to safeguard the interests of the users.


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