Viral Prank Gone Wrong:Twitter Asks Users To Stop Falling For This


Twitter is home to a new prank making the rounds, which is asking users to change his or her year of birth to 2007 in their Twitter profile. However, the joke is a non-selected one and Twitter is urging the users not to fall for it.

A micro-blogging site is warning the users about this prank in Twitter.

Now the actual problem is,in this it is asking the users to change their year of birth to 2007, but if we change that to 2007 our account will
be blocked.

According to the rules of Twitter, a person who is below 13 years are not eligible to have an account in Twitter.

If we change our year of birth to 2007,then our age will become 12 and according to the rules of Twitter our account will be blocked.So be careful and don’t fall for all these pranks and stay alert.


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