Facebook exposed passwords of users in plain text to their employees.


Recently a new report has surfaced which states that the Facebook passwords of millions of users were not encrypted and they were stored as plain text in their servers.

The worst thing is, there is unfettered access for the employees of Facebook on these data.

About this a report was given by Brian Krebs , a journalist in CyberSecurity on Thursday and after his report Facebook rushed to publish a blog post that this flaw was discovered in January.

According to the CyberSecurity journalist Brian Krebs report, about 200 to 600 million users accounts were affected because of this all around the globe.

Now there is a question for us,”Why Facebook didn’t reveal about this unless a report has been surfaced?”.

The social media giant claims it has “found no evidence anyone internally abused or improperly accessed” the password data, but believing this statement requires you to trust Facebook — and the trust factor for the company is running quite low now.

Meanwhile, Facebook says it will notify “hundreds of millions” of affected users of Facebook Lite.

For now, company took an action against these issue and masked the passwords but as a precausion it suggests all the users of the Facebook to take the following measures to secure their account.

  • Facebook and Instagram are connected. Change the passwords of those accounts to secure them.
  • Avoid using the same passwords and make sure that your password is a complex one.
  • Enable two-factor authentication. 


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