Is PUBG dangerous to play? Does it create any issues?


Now a days PUBG is the most widely used app/game by smart phone users across the globe. The Designer of PUBG is Bredan Greene. It was launched first on 23 march 2017 on pc’s while free fire is launched in the end of December 2017 on Androids and IOS.

Pubg users addict for PUBG like anything and if you play continuosly for 5-6hours, then it is really harmful for people.

Because of this many disasters have been taking place in India and many people losing their lives by playing this game.So the possible ban is underaway by the Indian Government. Inorder to overcome this ban, the pubg corporation decided to give a health disclaimer which restricts the users playing the game after six hours.

It gives popup like  “You’ve played the game for 6 hours today”,and the user can again play the game at 5:30 am the following day.

It also added another feature to check whether the players age is above 18 or not. If he is below 18 then the limitations for minor players will be different.

This entire thing was not made official till now but the process is going on with a better progress and this will be official within days.


  1. Great information……thank u Sarika. Hope most of us follows ur words which were in this blog and also hope pubg players reduce their time with this game.


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